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Sam's Story


"He's such a wonderful addition to our family"

"I cannot tell you how much we love Sam. I say it over and over, I know, but he really is such a wonderful addition to our family. I think as an equestrian and a parent, you understand what it’s like to watch your child love doing something. But when you watch them create that wonderful bond with a horse, it’s really something on another level. Especially when it’s a horse as special as Sam. It was hard to “give him up” to let her be the main person to ride him, but so very worth it to see their relationship grow. I know how much having a horse as a teenager shaped me into the person I am. Adulthood comes quickly and her adventures with him will come to an end as her adolescence ends. It’s worth it." ~ Amy

Farm Field

Sam's "before" story...

Sam was a direct purchase from an auction, where we had to outbid less than ideal buyers to save him. While slaughter remains illegal within the United States, the export of horses for slaughter is legal - a very obvious loophole for those interested in profit over humane rescue and repurposing of horses.


Sam came to us needing some physical rehabilitation work, but mostly he just needed mental healing from the trauma and stress the auction experience left him with. Make no mistake, horses (and all animals) are capable of deep trauma but also deep healing when placed in the right environment.


Thanks to Amy and her family, and lots of love and time, Sam has become a wonderful family horse. His story highlights that anything is possible, and we should never give up.

You can save more horses like Sam from at risk situations, by supporting our mission today. Click the link below to find out how you can help today.

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