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A Look Back at @saddlebredlegacy

A look back at what 7 years of The American Saddlebred Legacy Foundation has meant led to me to so many great memories, so I thought...why not share.

I am just an average class person who simply loves these horses, but I don't give up easily either. When no one could answer my own question, "How does a Saddlebred end up at risk?" I set out on a personal journey to back track from our industry auction, to the dealers along the wall, to their sales and communities, which led to private barns receiving loads of "fresh" young and usable Saddlebreds being shipped directly from training barns to become buggy horses.

And that's basically it. From there I set out to understand the "whys", to educate people that there is not necessarily always something wrong with a horse from an auction, and that the Amish will pay "that much" for a horse. I thought if I could just tell the stories people would be appalled and demand change.

I have made mistakes, I have made enemies and I have made some of the best friendships I have ever known...but the horses have always come first. As we sort through what's next now that we have a permanent location and stability, we will always remember the horses we lost and what it took to get here will guide us forward. #lookbackatlegacy #repurpose #rescuewhenyouneedto #results #sharethesaddlebred #saddlebred #saddlebredlegacy

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