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Try harder...try at all. (December 20, 2014)

Another post that shouldn't be forgotten but can't be the leader either. I can feel the pain and the passion, but grateful I have also now learned to protect my peace. It's a practice, and it's not perfect. #protectyourpeace #repurposehorses #repurposeme #repurpose #saddlebred #saddlebredlegacy

"Over 20 Saddlebreds in two days lost at public Amish auctions, save one. All under 10, most under 7....almost all from training barn programs or fields. And that's just the ones we know about.

If you want to get sad about something this Christmas, get sad about that. If you want to get passionate about something, get passionate about that. If you want to make a difference, make a difference about that.

Almost all sent intentionally with no paperwork, the rest never even registered, that fancy shoe package you spent so much money on, that training bill you paid every month that could have saved 3 horses from slaughter.

Where are you ASHA? UPHA? Where are you all you who say you care? Who spend hundreds of dollars on advertising that only your friends see? You wait by the bedside of one who carries the souls of hundreds of horses lost on his back to make a few dollars. Those nameless souls who turned into numbers on their hip lay in wait to pull his amish buggy to the gates somewhere far south of here.

I have to go to court to get papers and jump through your hoops but 20 plus horses are shipped across state lines without coggins and paperwork every month?

I love this breed, I love these horses but I can not bring new people in until this mess gets cleaned up. No not all are bad, but you know who you are. You lie, you lost that sense of right and wrong, you feel entitled, you forgot to put yourself in the shoes of the people you hurt. You forgot to treat every horse like it was your favorite one. I don't expect to save every one.. But I sure didn't expect to be saving more from our own people than the KillBuyer.

Clean it up now or eventually someone else will. Hurt less, care more, try harder...try at all."

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