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Basic Behaviors Profile - What does it do and not do?

Below you will see what the BBP does and does not do. This research is always ongoing and we learned at The Right Horse Summit in 2019 that there were additional studies constantly being done to always make improvements to the process and even add additional things to really drill down closer to what the ideal matching process could be between horses and new owners.

What does it do?

The Basic Behaviors Profile helps standardize and streamline the search and match process for adopters and adoption organizations.It inspires trust and transparency for adopters, enabling them to feel informed and confident about adoption prospects.It provides trainers a starting point from which to develop a training program for horses in transition.

What does it NOT do?

It is not a pass/fail assessment. Horses who don’t complete many items may still be the Right Horse for an experienced, confident adopter.The Basic Behaviors Profile does not prescribe training techniques. There are many humane and compassionate training styles that can successfully teach the assessed skills and behaviors.It does not predict a horse’s future ability or trainability; or what activities it is suited for.It is not a complete description of a horse. It is simply one of many parts of the evaluation and matching process.

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