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Down on the Farm...

I brought in all the water heaters today. I hope I did not jinx us with more winter. The horses are still on round bales. We have looked in to some options for better pasture rotation and management. They will of course cost money. However, we do see value in that type of investment since the rich pastures allow us the ability to more affordably do what we do. Some of them show winter wear worse than others. They mostly all have long rough coats, some are muddier than others, a couple have rain rot residual from coming in funk nasty and then the rough rainy winter not helping. They all need their manes and tails brushed and their bodies curried, but they are safe, and happy and here. So you take the small wins, the stop gap moments, and the chance to smile and you keep moving forward.

I hope the blog is helpful. It's probably only as much help as it is consistently used. I never like to name anything I do...dieter...exerciser...blogger...because once I put a name on it, I usually find a way to talk myself out of it. So maybe it will create some virtual accountability for me? Or maybe it will just be crazy ramblings...down on the Farm.

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