Meet Our Newest Collaborative Partner - ENGAGE SERVICES!

Updated: Sep 16

Engage, Equine Assisted Services is a nonprofit that provides healing and hope to children and adults through the guided interactions with horses. As a horsewoman with lots of years in the saddle, I can personally attest to the transformative power of being around these incredible creatures.

Engage will use some of the horses that come into Legacy's family that are a good fit for the program. Some of the therapeutic work happens only on the ground without riding, which means senior horses or those with non-life threatening injuries that make them unridable get to have a purpose and a happier life as they participate on Engage's team.

It's a win for our rescued and repurposed horses that would otherwise not likely be adopted, and it's a win for Engage to have gentle 'seasoned' horses to help provide healing and hope to individuals dealing with trauma and other issues.

Check out the website and learn more about equine assisted services with Engage!

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