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Turn your mistakes into masterpieces...

I talk to myself. Sometimes I talk out loud to myself and don’t even realize I’m doing it.

Like the other day at the gas station I was completely absorbed in my thoughts about a situation, and out loud discussing it, I looked up to meet a curious stare from a lady at the pump next to me.

Yesterday, I was picking the kids up, completely overwhelmed and somehow ended up muttering…”and that was my mistake”. When out of the blue Wyatt says…”Turn your mistakes into masterpieces…Bob Ross.” I didn’t even understand what he said, so I asked him to repeat it.

Turn your mistakes into masterpieces. Why is my 8 year old son quoting Bob Ross? Why was he so attuned to my disheveled mood? Why was I not more attuned to him? Why was I overthinking and about to miss the message I needed to hear in that present moment.

That’s the take away for this week…this year…my life. Meet your perceived failures and mistakes and make your own masterpieces out of them. Wyatt and Bob Ross sure found a simpler way than me to realize it and say it.

Photo credit:Ruby Tevis

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