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What is a horse in transition?

The Right Horse Initiative believes... "in order to massively increase horse adoption in the United States, we first need to reframe the way people think and talk about it." They have provided this glossary of definitions and explanations for common words and phrases you’ll find utilized in The Right Horse vernacular. As partners we want to encourage you to incorporate these terms into your own language and join our collaborative movement to positively reframe the conversation around equine welfare.


A horse in transition is any horse that is currently in transition from one home, vocation, opportunity or owner to the next. Throughout its lifetime, most horses will have multiple homes and owners. Often, these horses find themselves in transition due to no fault of their own, rather as the result of a change in the owner’s circumstances (time, location, finances, need, etc.) ~ The Right Horse

Our focus at The American Saddlebred Legacy Foundation is to be a positive, proactive resource for breeders, owners and trainers of American Saddlebred horses to repurpose them to new jobs, and prevent the need for rescue later. We work to identify high risk areas of transition and are making constant adjustments to what it means to help a horse in transition. Often, we can assist the from the point of need to a new home. We call these horses our Direct Placement horses. We might be able to offer help with pictures or marketing, or just sharing to a different network. The range of ways we can help varies based on finances and available spots at the time of need.

We believe there is a demand for more people and groups to help with this important work, and are hopeful that more will be in the breed and horses' future.

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