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What is a Transition Center?

The Right Horse Initiative believes... "in order to massively increase horse adoption in the United States, we first need to reframe the way people think and talk about it." They have provided this glossary of definitions and explanations for common words and phrases you’ll find utilized in The Right Horse vernacular. As partners we want to encourage you to incorporate these terms into your own language and join our collaborative movement to positively reframe the conversation around equine welfare.


Transition Centers are organizations and facilities that provide a range of services including intake, boarding, medical care and training for horses in transition. These centers are typically a coordinated effort between adoption organizations, trainers, veterinarians and other industry professionals working together to prepare and match horses in transition with their next owners and opportunities. Transition centers facilitate placements in adoptive homes and new vocations through traditional and non-traditional approaches to finding the right matches and opportunities for the horses in their care. ~ The Right Horse

The American Saddlebred Legacy Foundation aligns with this definition, as we have always seen ourselves as the potential to be a transition type center. If we were able to provide the location for trainers, owners and breeders to send their horses that are not working out, as a resource to them, we could elevate our reputation as caring horse men and women across the greater industry.

An active "repurposing" facility would also have a public presence. This would be a place where people could meet the breed in a less intimidating way. People could see the American Saddlebred doing normal and relevant horse things such as being turned out, kept and worked without shoe packages and tail sets. While there is nothing wrong with the accoutrements that go along with a performance Saddlebred, we must be sensitive to our audience and our end game.

To ultimately be connected collaboratively within the community would be an even greater deal and lasting impact for horses in our region. One can continue to dream...

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