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Facebook memories...honoring what was.

Facebook claims to cultivate memories for you to enjoy and share from the most recent to those long ago daily. They can bring back feelings of joy, sadness, regret, and so many others. In one quick click and scroll you are transported back in time to a year ago, even up to nine.

To put it very simply, I am not the same person I was nine years ago. But, when I read her posts I feel her pain, I remember where her intentions came from, and I critique her writing, style, and tone. I can see now her approach was not always ideal. She was harsh and direct, but I know she just wanted to make an impact for our horses and change to come swiftly. She thought..."if people only knew, this would all stop."

I am not the same person I was nine years ago. But, it's still important to honor some of her posts and pain, because without her, I wouldn't be who I am today either. And that I can look forward to enjoying and sharing. #repurpose #saddlebred #saddlebredlegacy





December 2014

"Dear Big Name Trainer Dumper:

Tell me why...give me one reason why I shouldn't tell your name and what you did today to a totally undeserving horse and unsuspecting owner... Give me one good reason for not telling of your lies...how do you lay your head down to sleep tonight? Why am I the one who lays awake, stomach in knots and tears running down my face...why can't I care less like you do? Why can't we all care less like you and have customers, association, financial and professional support like you do.

I would give anything to have a barn and place like you...but then doing dirty deals is maybe how you got there. That's not me. I will wait and save and scrap together as long as it takes to get where I am going. If being dirty got you there...I don't want it.

You lied to my face twice...you picked the wrong person. You can talk all you want but your actions are so loud I can't hear you.

From a 7 year old girl whose first show was on a school horse at the Roanoke Valley Horse show to the teenager who mucked and groomed her way to being able to smell a horses neck...you disgust me. I don't care who you are, how well you are liked...where did you lose your love for these horses? Who did you so wrong that you quit giving a damn about the horses you made your money on the backs of that you would sell them this short?

I can't even get my thoughts together right now. I have been gracious and put up with a lot. You can screw around with me all you want, but screwing a horse is something I can't take.

I really actually gave you a little credit and you still chose to do the wrong thing... Or maybe you are so far gone you don't know what right is anymore.

In the end you drew this line. And you crossed it. Here's to the future.. Yours, mine and this horse. May the best "man" win. This breed is too small for the both of us.


A broken hearted, trusting fool who feels like her greatest mistake was loving a Saddlebred when she was 5."

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