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This work is not perfect...

This work is not always perfect. A hope of a “forever” home is rarely real. But you do your best and you show up.

You pour your heart, soul and every sleepless night into making a match and finding a home. But you can’t control all the things all the time...so when the horse you already worked so hard on...ends up back at risk of slaughter...you show up again.

Once you know or see something, inaction for our Saddlebreds is not good enough anymore. #repurpose #saddlebred #saddlebredlegacy


December 2016

When you spend all your time eating, drinking, planning, hoping, fighting, no sleeping, dreaming, pleading, hoping, loving, crying, fighting, needing, wondering, questioning, working, desiring, understanding, committing and then you feel like quitting...if you breeders, trainers, owners, ASHA Board Members, marketers, UPHA Directors don't care...why should we?

Wondering tonight myself....what will my legacy be...

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